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Gwadar Real Estate Opportunities

Why do I need to buy property in Gwadar city like plots for sale, open land or investment in Gwadar's booming real estate indutry in surrounding areas?

Invest in Gwardar Forget About Dubai is the slogan and dream for Pakistani real estate investors who already have invested billions of dollars in Dubai Real Estate. Gwadar in very near future willl be the big thing in south asia and real competitor of Dubai because of CPEC, Gwadar Port and Gwadar Duty Free Industrial Zone. Gwadar is the center of trade route CPEC for China and south east Asia & opportunities for real estate investment have sky rocketed Gwadar property prices. If you have money and want to make it 1000% profit in next few years, Then go ahead and invest in open land near CPEC route and Gwadar Free Zone.

Gwadar's economy has, in the past, been dependent mostly on fishing. Its economy, however, is undergoing rapid transformation as a small fishing village is being transformed into a major port city of Pakistan with improved communication links with the rest of Pakistan. In 1993, the Government of Pakistan commenced a feasibility study for the construction of a deep-sea port at Gwadar. On 22 March 2002, the Government of Pakistan began construction of Gwadar Port, a modern deep-sea port, the first phase of which was completed in December 2005 and the second in March 2007. Gwadar Port became fully operational in December 2009. The 1400 km Trans-Afghan Gas Pipeline (TAP) from Turkmenistan to Gwadar (Pakistan), a long-dormant project that would pump Turkmen natural gas to markets in South Asia, may finally be poised to begin at a cost of $3 billion.

Gwadar Free Zone

The construction on a $2 billion 10-square kilometre tax exempt idustrial zone began on June 20, 2016. The zone includes a 300MW plant exclusive for the industrial zone as well.